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DPP - 01NIOS : Daily Practice Problems - SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY(212) - 20/10/2021 - BIOLOGY : Mandakini Study Institute - Patna
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DPP - 01NIOS : Daily Practice Problems - SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY(212) - 20/10/2021 - BIOLOGY

      DPP - 01NIOS : Daily Practice Problems - SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY(212) - 20/10/2021



Q1. Define biodiversity. Mention its three levels and briefly explain them.
Q2. What are the global and Indian patterns of biodiversity? What do you mean by a 'hot spot' of diversity?
Q3. Name the three domains of life and state one distinguishing features of each.
Q4. Name the five kingdoms of life and state one feature of each of the kingdoms which differs from that of the others.
Q5. Give an account of the classification of Kingdom Plantae into its divisions. Cite examples.
Q6. State the difference between chordates and non chordates.
Q7. Name the phyla to which the following belong: wolf, earthworm, sponge, jelly fish, sparrow, butterfly, starfish, snail, tape worm, round worm
Q8. To which class of chordates do the following belong? Justify your inclusion into the class by stating any one characteristic feature. Crow, lion, cobra, flying frog, shark, fresh water fish.
Q9. Write three sentences on why we need to classify and give scientific names to organisms.
Q10. Why does biodiversity need to be conserved?
Q11. State three ways by which biodiversity may be conserved?
Q12. List 10 ways in which organisms help each other survive in nature. What message can you derive from their interdependence?
Q13. Why have some plants and animals become endangered? State atleast five human activities as causes.
Q14. Write in a paragraph on "what would happen if living beings did not have scientific names and were not grouped." Mention atleast five consequences.
Q15. You find some boys pelting stones at a monkey sitting on a tree. Write five sentences which can dissuade those boys.
Q16. Mention Darwin’s two major contributions to evolutionary ideas.
Q17. Write a note on NeoDarwinism.
Q18. Name the kind of plant tissue found
(i) at the growing parts of the plant.(ii) at the root tip.(iii) in vascular bundles.(iv) in the inner lining of the intestine.
(v) Connecting the adjacent muscle fibres
Q19. What is a balanced diet? Name three items of a diet that provide three different nutrients?
Q20.What are the main steps of photosynthesis? Is sunlight essential for photosynthesis and why?
Q21. A patient complains of lack of appetite, exhaustion and is losing weight. Diagnose the deficiency. What kind of diet would you suggest for the patient?
Q22. Deficiency of which vitamin causes night blindness. What would you suggest to prevent this deficiency?
Q23. Where does the digestion of starch, proteins and fats take place and what is the role played in digestion by liver and pancreas?
Q24. Which component in your diet will not be digested