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DPP - 01 : Daily Practice Problems - ENGLISH - 24/09/2021 : Mandakini Study Institute - Patna
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DPP - 01 : Daily Practice Problems - ENGLISH - 24/09/2021

      DPP - 01 : Daily Practice Problems - ENGLISH - 24/09/2021


Q1. Find words in the story which are opposite in meaning to the following words:
1. loose
2. happy
3. loudly
4. noisy
5. young
6. safety

Q2. Write the simple past tense of the following verbs. Put them in column A (regular) or
column B (irregular) as the case may be.
draw, walk, manage, hold, ask, forgive, drive,
meet, swim, repair, shake, cook, ring, clean,
enjoy, bear, lead, cheat, write, eat,

Q3. Form adverbs from the adjectives and use them in your own sentences.
neat, nice, soft, clear, elegant, careful, regular, graceful

Q4.  Given below are some more examples of irregular verbs: Convert simple present tense to simple past tense
9. catch

Q5. Complete the sentences using two adjectives in each sentence.
1. My favourite possession is a\ an ________________________________.
2. I would like to buy a \ an __________________________for my mother.
3. My father has a \an ___________________________________.
4. I like ____________. I think she is _______________ actress.
5. I live in a \an __________________.

Q6. Write a Notice with the details in the description:
Brand name Classique ladies
Size & shape small diamond-shaped
Colour of dial golden
Colour of strap black

You lost a briefcase containing important documents while travelling by bus. Complete the
following notice to be inserted in a newspaper. Include all the details describing the briefcase
and its contents. Give your contact number and address.

Q7. Complete the following summary
of sections II & III using appropriate phrasal verbs. You will have to change the form of
the verbs. { dive into, run out of, go into, give up, push through, pull off, fall into }

On reaching the well, Kondiba __________ the crowd. He came to know that a small
boy had ____________ the well. He ____________ his shirt and _________ the well.
He ______ the well twice but failed to find the boy. He had _____________ breath, but
he did not __________. He went into the well once again. He felt the shirt of the boy and
pulled him out. In spite of his blindness, Kondiba was able to rescue the boy.

Q9. You have moved to a new neighbourhood. Your next-door neighbour is very jolly and
friendly. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about this neighbour.

Q10. Antonyms are words which give opposite meanings.

Q11.  Read the following sentences and write them in indirect speech.

a. The invigilator said to the students, ‘Stop writing.’
b. The officer said to the peon, ‘Bring a file cover for me.’
c. Anil said to his friend, ‘Please take out the car while I lock the room.’
d. The ticket collector said to Varun, ‘Why didn’t you buy a full ticket for your son?’
e. ‘May I borrow your English book for the evening?’ said Usha to Rajni.
f. The parents said to the Principal, ‘Please admit our daughter in your school.’
g. Father said to his son, ‘Switch off the television. I am getting disturbed.’
h. Anita said to Nikhil, ‘Help your younger sister in her studies.’
i. Hitendra said to Shyam, ‘Have a cup of tea with me, please.’
j. I said to him, ‘Come in.’