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DPP - 27092021020BHPAT : Daily Practice Problems - Environmental Science (333) - 27/09/2021 : Mandakini Study Institute - Patna
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DPP - 27092021020BHPAT : Daily Practice Problems - Environmental Science (333) - 27/09/2021

      DPP - 27092021020BHPAT : Daily Practice Problems - Environmental Science (333) - 27/09/2021


Q1. Trace the origin of the earth.
Q2. Describe briefly the solar system to which the earth belongs.
Q3. State the big bang theory of origin of universe.
Q4. Why is earth able to sustain life while no other planet is known to have life?
Q5 Name the five kingdoms of living organisms.
Q6. Define environment. List the various components of the environment
Q7. Name the abiotic and biotic natural resources.
Q8. Of what use are plants and animals to humans?
Q9. List 10 uses of water for human beings.
Q10. List the various sources of energy.
Q11. Trace the evolution of humans up to modern man.
Q12. What do you mean by the statement “early men were hunters and gatherers.”
Q13. State the purposes for which primitive man made tools.
Q14. Primitive humans were thrilled to discover fire and why?
Q15. How did humans think of cultivating crops?
Q16. What changes took place in the behaviour and life style of primitive humans after they became agriculturists?
Q17. What do you mean by “bronze age” and “Iron age”?
Q18. State the factors which led to industrialization.
Q19. What impact did years of use by growing population of humans have on environmental resources?
Q20. How is the utilization of fossils fuels related to a harmful impact on the environment?
Q21. List three reasons for human population explosion.
Q22. In what way has increase in human population has degraded the environment?
Q23. State three reasons for deforestation.
Q24. Write an essay on “impact of deforestation”.
Q25. Why modern agriculture is held responsible for polluting air and water?
Q26. Why the modern influx of humans from villages to cities causing is serious concern to urban planners?
Q27. Why “green house gases” are considered dangerous?
Q28. Why do environmentalists think that “marine fisheries” may collapse, if we are not careful?
Q29. Write notes on:
i. Mining and environmental degradation
ii. Acid rain
iii. Global warming and green house effect
iv. Biodiversity loss