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DPP - 27092021020BHPAT : Daily Practice Problems - Business Studies (215) - 27/09/2021 : Mandakini Study Institute - Patna
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DPP - 27092021020BHPAT : Daily Practice Problems - Business Studies (215) - 27/09/2021

      DPP - 27092021020BHPAT : Daily Practice Problems - Business Studies (215) - 27/09/2021


Q1. Give two examples each of economic and non-economic activities.
Q2. Distinguish between Economic and Non-economic activities on the
basis of
(i) Purpose
(ii) Outcome
Q3. What is meant by an occupation?
Q4. Explain any two characteristics of employment.
Q5. Explain any two characteristics of profession.
Q6. Define the term ‘business.
Q7. Why do we call a person doing carpentry as engaged in a vocation?
Q8. A cobbler making shoes for himself is not engaged in business, why?
Q9. Describe the main characteristics of business.
Q10. What is meant by business? Describe any two characteristics of business.
Q11. How is business different from profession? Answer in about 60 words.
Q12. Discuss the broad categories of business activities, giving examples?
Q13. Explain the three types of occupations people are generally engaged in.
Q14. If there is no regularity in dealings, an activity cannot be called business. Do you agree? Give reasons in support of your answer.
Q15. Despite uncertainty of return, why is a businessman willing to invest money in the business?
Q16. Profit earning is the main objective of business. Explain.
Q17. Explain the economic objectives of business.
Q18. Enumerate the social objectives of business.
Q19. Explain the importance of national objectives of business.
Q20. Enumerate and explain the human objectives of business.
Q21. Explain the global objectives of business.
Q22. What is meant by social responsibilities of business?
Q23. Prepare a list of the interest groups with whom business interacts in itsday-to-day activities.
Q24. Why should business be responsible to the society? Give any three reasons.
Q25. State the responsibilities of business towards customers.
Q26. In what way should the business be responsible to the government?
Q27. Define environmental pollution and state the types of environmental pollution
Q28. Explain the various causes of air pollution.
Q29. State three important impacts of air pollution.
Q30. What are the effects of water pollution?