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find the facts behind the death of Thai artist Tangmo Nida

The shocking news came from the model and singer from Thailand, Tangmo Nida. He is rumored to have died on February 24, 2022 because he drowned in the Chao Phraya river.

Tangmo's body was found in the area of ​​the river that flows in the city of Bangkok. At that time he was with friends and his manager riding a speed boat.

The time of the incident was known at night, because before he died Tangmo still had time to upload videos on his Instagram account. However, there were various irregularities that accompanied Tangmo Nida's death. Is it true that he died not by drowning?

Tangmo Nida took a boat with his colleagues and manager on Thursday (24/2) night. Several people around Nida said they did not know when she drowned.

The manager suspected that Nida, who was wearing high heels, slipped while trying to pee at the back of the boat. On Friday (25/2) in the morning, they also reported it to the authorities.

Saturday (26/2) afternoon, the victim's body was found around 1 pm local time. The search is quite difficult because of the strong river currents and limited lighting.

The condition of the body when it was found was quite shocking. In the photos circulating on social media, strange signs appear. On the body, especially the thighs, there are wounds that look like cuts. It's hard to tell if the wound was caused by part of the boat or something else.

The next oddity was that there was a scratch wound on the victim's friend. That made the murder speculation even stronger.

Netizens suspect that Nida's friends killed her on purpose, and the victim fought back. The possibility of drowning is also getting narrower because according to Nida's mother, her child is good at swimming.

Manager Tangmo Nida is also not free from the suspicions of netizens. During a press conference, he made a controversial statement.

He was sad because with Tangmo's death he lost his job to earn money. From there, the netter became increasingly suspicious if he was involved in the death of the star.

It was reported that Tangmo Nida's mother received replacement money from Tangmo's colleagues. And there were rumors that the large amount of money made the mother withdraw the report.

However, it is reported that the investigation into the case is still ongoing. Several witnesses were questioned while waiting for the autopsy results to be given by the forensic team.








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