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Students protest against 'trampled unilateral decisions' of the director of CIDE

Students of the Center for Economic Research and Teaching ( CIDE )they protested against what they described as "outrageous unilateral decisions" by the interim director, José Antonio Romero Tellaeche , who fired academic secretary Catherine Andrews.


“This is a call to recognize the plurality of the community, to recognize the students and to be open to dialogue. We speak out against this series of outrageous unilateral decisions , which have destabilized the institution and have spread concern about our future and the future of CIDE, ”they said in a statement.


They indicated that it is not the first arbitrary dismissal that has been registered in the institution during the administration of Romero Tellaeche.


“Unfortunately, this is not the first case of arbitrary dismissal that has occurred during the brief time that Dr. Romero Tellaeche has held the Interim Directorate. Therefore, as an act of solidarity with the dismissed people and to avoid abuses of power in the CIDE, we demand that channels of dialogue and counterweights be opened. If this does not happen, the CIDE students are obliged to take dissemination, protest and mobilization actions in a phased manner ”.


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They pointed out that the interim director has justified his actions with criteria such as "loss of confidence" and "rebellion", he has also categorized these dismissals as a natural process of transition, at the same time he calls that his actions are not a cause. of "internal division". Ironically, they noted, a month later he polarized the community by suggesting that his students do not understand the country's social problems and only seek personal success.


The students asked Romero Tellaeche to demonstrate "his commitment to the values ​​and the people that make up the institution that he heads today" and to abandon "any type of loyalty, accountability or agenda other than the academic objectives that the CIDE has promoted over time "


“Before proposing or removing people from their current positions, make an effort to get to know the student community and the people who work at CIDE, as well as use other institutional tools for dialogue and not directly the dismissals. We ask that when we turn to you, we are given a space for dialogue, beyond a single institutional email. This is a call to the recognition of the plurality of the community, to recognize the students and the openness to dialogue ”.


Director of CIDE dismisses academic secretary for 'act of rebellion'


This Tuesday, Dr.  Catherine Andrews  affirmed that she was dismissed as academic secretary of the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE) by its acting director, José Antonio Romero Tellaeche, who accused her of an " act of rebellion " when trying to carry out processes of evaluation of professors of the institution.


In a public letter, the historian stated that her dismissal, which she considered arbitrary , was for following the processes of the Academic Judging Commissions (CADIs).

The doctor argued that the acting director preferred not to continue with the evaluations until he had confirmed a head of the general direction; later it affirmed that yes it would participate and finally it canceled it.