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6 Facts you Should Know About Air Covered Yarn

Fashion is constantly changing. New trends are introduced every day to the industry. However, the most significant changes are at the bottom, i.e. the yarn. Textile companies manufacture fabric from yarn. It is the foundation of its texture, strength, and durability. This sector is undergoing research to find new technologies that will make yarns more comfortable and durable.

ACY stands for Air Covered Yarn. It's made of spandex and DTY. Air covering is the use of multiple yarns in combination to create unique yarns with different characteristics. The elastic fabric is used while the non-elastic fabric is used. Non-elastic fabrics serve two main purposes: to increase the fabric's durability, evenness, and functional properties. There are two types of ACY:

  • Nylon ACY
  • Polyester ACY

INVIYA® - Indorama Industries Limited is a specialist in the production and use of ACY. This allows them to create comfortable clothes such as swimwear, underwear, socks, and other clothing. Air-covered yarns can be used to make knitted, sewed and woven fabrics, depending on their properties.

Air Spun Yarn is one of the most prominent technologies. This technology is poised to change the way we wear clothing. You may be wondering why? You can read the following features to find out why:

Spandex core: Textile companies in India use Spandex to make their Air-covered yarn. Multiple strands are spun using air jets upon a spandex core.

Exceptional softness: The core yarn (Spandex), is mixed with another filament yarn, such as nylon or polyester using compressed air. They are then wound straight in the spool. This gives them a powdery appearance.

The most comfortable: Because of its softness and lightweight, Air Covered yarn can be used to make comfortable clothing and products such as underwear.

Strength: The Air-covered yarn is stronger and more durable than conventional yarn. This makes it ideal for making clothing that lasts longer.

The smoothness of Fabric: Air covered yarn is twisted more hard, giving it incredible evenness. This yarn produces a much smoother fabric.

Less energy and space requirements: According to some claims, air-spun technology uses less energy per kilogram produced yarn than other methods. For the same yarn weight, the space requirements are 25% lower than other methods.

Because the Air covered yarn is so versatile and efficient, many Indian textile companies are producing fabric and clothing more from it than conventionally spun yarn. Both the consumer and the producer get added benefits from the Air Covered yarn's durability and strength.

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