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    • The Port Physiotherapy and Massage

      Physiotherapy in Calgary | The Port Physiotherapy and Massage

      The Port Physiotherapy and Massage offers the most manageable and customized experience with treatments and programs for physiotherapy in Alberta. Our physios' objective is to help speed your recovery.
      • Ram Sewak


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        • Essentialaids


          Essential Aids has a broad selection of high quality orthopaedic aids. These range from elbow supports, knee braces, ankle braces to cervical neck collars and shoulder braces. An orthopaedic support is often a key tool in recovery from injury or after an operation.
          • Essentialaids

            Leg Supports

            Foam supports which raise a leg or legs to a comfortable position in bed. These are often used to ease pressure sores or to maintain pressure away from a certain area.
            • Essentialaids

              Blood Pressure Monitors

              Blood pressure is an important indicator of overall health and is significant for many conditions associated with old age. Your GP or another health professional may be able to advise you on the best blood pressure monitor for your needs.
              • Essentialaids


                We offer an extensive range of high quality and lightweight wheelchairs. All our chairs are reliable and tested to the highest standards. Essential Aids wheelchairs (UK) has established a reputation for supplying the best models on the market at affordable prices.
                • Essentialaids

                  Cot Sides

                  Here you will find our range of bed sides and cot sides. The correct use of a bed cot sides will create a barrier to prevent someone falling out of bed when...
                  • Essentialaids

                    Handy Items

                    Handy tools for making life easier around the house. Door stops and can crushers are available. This section also includes special phones and electrical equipment. Helpful devices for the elderly or others who may find day-to-day tasks difficult due to physical impairments.
                    • Essentialaids

                      Grab Rails for Disabled or Elderly Person

                      Essential Aids has a large selection of high-quality grab rails. Our disabled grab rails are available in a variety of lengths and discreet designs, making them ideal for use in the bathroom, shower, next to the toilet, or elsewhere in the home.
                      • Essentialaids

                        Atlas Advance Turning & Transfer Aid

                        Atlas Advance Turning & Transfer Aid helps in sitting, standing, or in short transfers. It comes with adjustable dual knee pads for the added comfort. Get More Information:- https://www.essentialaids.com/bedroom-aids/bed-transfer-aids/atlas-advance-turning-&-transfer-aid.html