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EVE Echoes wants to properly handle user feedback

The developers of EVE Echoes talked with the players about the fight against the intruder, and they talked about it. They also discussed the solution of technical problems and some future plans. The developers of EVE Echoes thank the players for their support and encouragement for this game. The developers were busy updating at the very beginning and had no time to communicate with the players. Now they are beginning to focus on resolving player requests and complaints, trying to do their best.

After EVE Echoes goes online, the most important task for developers is to implement anti-cheating measures. According to data from Exile, Echoes' economic system is the same as EVE Online, so it is easy to be attacked by plugins, scripts and RMT. Over 150,000 accounts have been banned from using exploits and scripts. The economy in the game is also affected by the behavior of violators, so the developers are actively dealing with it.

EVE Echoes is a game with technical content, which is quite complicated in comparison. After the game was released, they encountered a lot of challenges they did not meet. Therefore, the team was actively solving this problem in the first month.

The biggest challenge is to eliminate congestion in many systems. In order to improve the efficiency of Stargate technology, developers have allocated more server resources. They decided to  Buy EVE Echoes ISK increase restrictions on pilots in the future.

In addition, there will be a problem that the client and server are out of sync, which has a great impact on the game play. Developers are still looking for the main reason, and are also taking measures to solve it.EVE Echoes may be one of the most successful mobile games. After it went live, it has gained many fans. I think players need to get EVE Echoes ISK from MMOWTS. If you don't have so much time and energy to get EVE Echoes ISK by completing tasks, then you can choose to buy it on MMOWTS.com .