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Blog summery - How to get 100% Score in Google PageSpeed Insights for Magento Store


As many of you might know the importance of page load speed for ranking higher in SERPs. Google and other search engines consider the loading speed as a ranking factor for websites. Also, Google has provided a tool called PageSpeed Insights (PSI) to test your Magento 2 website’s loading speed performance.

This tool ranks website out of 100 on basis of how it performs on certain fixed criteria called Core Web Vitals and other Web Vitals. Both collectively affect the performance score of your website on PSI. The tool also illustrate that opportunities and other diagnostics, which directly don’t affect the performance but supplement the Core Web Vitals and other Web Vitals.

Once the common issues listed in the opportunities and diagnostics are resolved you might be able to achieve the unthinkable 100% score on Google’s PSI tool. But the question is, is it worth the time and effort put into improving the performance and achieving 100/100 score? Does it even matter? To know more and find answers to these questions read our detailed article on the same. Also, through the blog, we have covered fixes for most common issues found for Magento 2 websites for performance optimization.