Mconnect Product Part Finder Extension for Magento 2

    Dennis Walters

    Do you sell spare parts of automobile products on your eCommerce store? I am sure that it won’t be an easy job for any eCommerce store to sell those. Also, it won’t be an easy job for your customers either to find the perfect automobile product especially when you have a large number of spare products. Because spare parts of different automobile products are different. And to find perfect spare products, customers need to enter the make model, year of manufacture, model number or other such attributes to narrow down the search. Because as per one study, 75% of customers would leave if they are unable to find what they are looking for in around 15 seconds or less. So, you need a solution that helps your customers to find the perfect spare part of the automobile product they are looking for.

    Mconnect Product Part Finder Extension for Magento 2 helps customers to find and narrow down the automobile spare parts as per their needs. The admin of the store can display the search box for part finder on any of the category or CMS pages. This part finder allows your customers to find products by using predefined filters. It is capable to filter product based on the make model, year of manufacture, model number, and other product attributes that eases the work of customers to find the perfect required products. Also, the AJAX integration makes this a lot faster because the product appears without any reload of the page when applied some filters. It drastically increases the user-experience of your eCommerce store for your customers.

    Features of Mconnect Product Part Finder Extension for Magento 2:

    • The international store can use the extension for selling various automobiles and other spare products.
    • Customers would be able to find products easily with the help of this extension.
    • It allows you to create many product attribute filters from the backend grid.
    • It is capable to import and export data with a CSV file.
    • The option of drag and drop to arrange the filter for the part finder.
    • Showcase the part finder filters on any category or CMS page.
    • The search box will appear on the top of the page to let customers find the perfect product.
    • AJAX integration eliminates the page reload when filters are applied to display products.
    • Also, a reset option provided to clear all the applied filters.

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