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The day John Madden retired as one of the most well-known heads

With all that in mind, we've made a some of the names we think will be on the front cover Madden NFL 23. Who do you think will appear on the cover this season Mut 22 coins? Herbie was loaded during the season and was just one historically chaotic overtime game close to being in the playoffs. For the 2022 season Herbert and the Chargers are the team to keep an eye on, because free agency players have bolstered the roster, giving Herbert the best chance of be successful. EA could see the future success and award Herbert the cover in August , making it looks like a brand full of clairvoyants in the coming months.

"Go Hawks!" is no more. It's replaced by the often-sloganeering Wilson has coined "Let's Ride" for his new fans and his teammates in Denver. Even though Wilson's presence in the locker rooms has been whispered about as being annoying in the past, fans love a winner, and he would add his winning track record and new jersey colors to his Madden cover, possibly in order to make it seem like the Madden series has received a makeover much like his own.

After finishing one of the most impressive wideout seasons in NFL history, Ja'Marr chase has two things EA would love to use to create its Madden cover artwork: a player with a high upside and a player who hasn't yet been able to reach their personal ceiling. As impressive as Chase was last season, his 2022 run is likely to be more impressive as Cincy's revamped offensive line is expected to provide Chase an opportunity to build innovative plays for his new QB.

It's impossible to underestimate the sheer power Josh Allen was in his final game of 2021. He was nearly perfect beating Patrick Mahomes in an overtime game where fans were crying at the rule of law for failing to give Allen the chance to react to the Chiefs first-drive touchdown and end the game in OT cheap Madden 22 coins. With the 2022 NFL season scheduled to start on Thursday, September 8, 2022, aiming for an August 19 launch would make the game available about three weeks prior to the start of the season.