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    In any case, games are monetized to hell and back. Some games sell for $60 all in, but countless games have deluxe variations, pre-order variations, year moves, battle moves, boosts, etc, etc.. The sport nba 2k21 myteam mt for sale  game sub-segment can be greatly siphoned by being a yearly series with generally very unambitious varies from year to year. Since they could, they're drifting this as a trial balloon.

    Yeah, this thread is amusing, especially when I'm pretty certain the age demographic is slightly higher than other gaming subreddits. Games have been $50-60 because I was purchasing them together with allowance in 1999. There are far more ways to get games cheaply than ever before, you can get access to literally hundreds (or even thousands) of games for the price of a few subscriptions right now. However, when you reside in a country with extreme wealth disparity where many people only make enough to just get by, they blame fair prices of goods/services instead of attributing the financial system they live in where this is a problem for them.

    Yeah, it kind of baffles me that people are genuinely complaining about the price of games, they are far and away the best value amusement in existence. People pay $15-20 to go and watch a two hour movie without batting an eyelid but $70 for possibly dozens if not hundreds of hours of amusement is unreasonable? In the event the ordinary game price $100 it'd still be really excellent value concerning hours of entertainment per dollar. Plus the fact that as you said matches have been $60 for well over 20 decades now, we've been due a price increase for the past couple of generations.

    Beside it being NBA 2K filled with MT. There's was some posts concerning somethings gotta budge, sport development got more intense and larger but the cost of matches remained the same pretty much possibly up a tenner over buying mt 2k21 time. Shorter games or cost more I think was the ending idea. But games filled with MT should be free or half the price or better yet just don't make them from a business stand point these matches are ideal for them unfortunately.Not justifying this particular selection but I feel as though it's worth noting new games have been $60 because SNES days that would be well over $100 adjusted for inflation. The fact that the prices haven't been increased by them nevertheless is somewhat baffling.