The latest Rocket League Items event ended

Decryption is usually limited to a very few, but key players who do not spend money for the game to get the seasonal event is great because it ultimately means that you can open some crates. Then addictive. Then buy more boxes, this is a time literally happened to me.

In addition to making candy corn unlock the project, will have a special "Golden Pumpkin", players can collect from TUBRO, nitro unlock items, the player's choice Series 2 crates.There will also become the new rumble mode power use, you you can watch the new trailer.

Seasonal activities often, when I personally rocket jump back to the league, because grinding to earn reward was worth it, because you can finally open the box. Who does not like to put together your car ghost toppers, and use the holiday to celebrate Christmas target of the explosion?

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The latest Rocket League Items event ended at 8:00 p.m. on July 23 (US Eastern Time), unlike other events have no grace period for your money events in the game. Yes, this means that when the Rockets the league's birthday party ends.So, if you have another event rewards or two on your eyes, it is now grinding to get the final balloon when the balloon you pop you need.