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Different Stages And Factors That Determine Subtitling Rates

Subtitling services are high on demand in the modern era of globalization. Starting from online course providers to entertainment content platforms, these services are equally important for all. Though everyone knows about subtitling as a service, very few remain aware of the subtitling rates. The reason is that there is nothing fixed-rate prescribed for these services. In fact, the rates here are dependent upon various associated factors. As subtitling is done through several steps, the pricing structure also depends upon various aspects, as discussed below.

Different Stages Associated With Subtitling

In general, people enquire about subtitling rates per minute But, the service providers often have to set both the in time and the out time of every subtitle submitted. At the same time, the sentences have to be distinguished into various slots, generally a couple of lines. If requires, the lines may be cut short. Moreover, the service providers have to keep check of the consistency of the reading hour and finish the same in the desired time.

 Translations are crucial to be impeccable, addressing the local and official terms thoroughly. Post translation, the titles go through the proofreading step. After being acknowledged by the editor, these are delivered back to the subtitling tool. Next, all tasks regarding formatting are addressed, and the subtitles are delivered in the desired format.

 Different Factors Associated

Rates of subtitles also depend upon the nature of the work. For example, the subtitles rates per minute vary from regular commercials, games, to entertainment contents, in accordance with the stages associated. Apart from this, the following aspects are also taken into account. 


It’s obvious that steeper the deadline, higher gets the cost associated with it. Even if there is an extended time given for the deadline, the prices have to be higher if the task is challenging.  

Work Quantity

When it comes to the bulk works, the translation and subtitling rates depend upon the deadline mostly. Stiffer the deadline, higher remains the rate.

The Complexity Of The Content

The rate of the subtitling remains lower if the video content can be easily understood. It (the rate) has to be higher for the legal contents, official contents, etc., where strict terms are used.  

Quality Of The Video

The pricing structure also varies as per the video quality. Charges applied for subtitling has to be higher when the sound quality is not up to the mark. These videos require greater attention, which takes more time; naturally, the price remains higher. Prices have to remain at the lower side when the video quality is smooth, and voices are audible. 


Languages play a key role in determining the cost. Subtitling the local languages is obvious to be inexpensive. Non-English language or least spoken languages cost higher to be subtitled. This makes subtitling London comparatively cost-effective. Specifically, charges remain at the higher side for the translation and subtitling of the Arabic contents. Prices also remain higher for Urdu and Chinese. Taking these things into account, the subtitling rates do anywhere between 5 to 10 dollars per minute.