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Nvidia ray tracing and variable rate shadows (VRS) will appear in "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands"


    Reddit user LemonKing was browsing the eighth expansion of "World of Warcraft", Shadowlands, and found that the Shadowlands command console had references to DXR (DirectX Ray Tracing) 1.0, Ray Tracing Shadows and VRS. This is mainly because the way "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands" improves the level of the graphics department is to support Nvidia ray tracing and variable rate shadows (VRS).

    Though added to the engine, it's worth noting these graphics features aren't yet implemented within the alpha build of Shadowlands. However, it's likely that they'll be fully functional when the sport is released later within the year.

    These features have the potential to form World of Warcraft look better and run faster on modern systems. Ray-tracing will bring more lifelike and accurate light and shadows to the venerable MMO, while VRS - currently supported on Nvidia's Turing graphics cards and Intel's Gen11 graphics architecture - will allow gamers’ GPUs to spot areas during a frame that require to be rendered fully detail while reducing the detail of other parts of the frame, resulting in better overall performance.

    Both of those features are staples of DirectX 12, which Microsoft developed with Nvidia so as to bring next-gen graphics features to Windows 10 PCs and therefore the Xbox Series X. This hints that Blizzard might be planning a version World of Warcraft version for the next-generation console, together with Sony's PS5.

    Though unconfirmed, Blizzard has previously confirmed it had been gazing bringing ray tracing to World of Warcraft. Game developers Michael Bybee and Patrick Magruder said in an interview on MMO-Champion that the “the engine team is functioning on taking advantage of RTX".

    For those worried that their old machine won't be able to Buy WOW Classic Gold handle the souped-up graphics, the developers added that World of Warcraft will still run well on all types of systems, saying they "believe that the more machines that may run WoW, the better".

    This is an approach that Blizzard has crazy World of Warcraft for years. The developer has added a lot of visual flair to the aging MMO over the years, while maintaining a awfully low barrier of entry for folk that do not have access to the newest PC components.

    After all, for a game that relies on an outsized player base, it only is smart to induce as many folks into the sport as possible. And, if Blizzard can try this while also including high-end features like ray tracing – more power thereto.

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    "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands" will land on Windows and macOS at the end of this year. Although the exact release date has not yet been released, the approximate time has been determined, and players can wait patiently.