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Riot finally showed off an extended gameplay preview for League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift, the new version of League of Legends that’ll take the game off the PC platform and onto others, will show off some new gameplay on Friday during the next Summer Game Fest event. Riot Games and Summer Game Fest announced the plans for the Wild Rift event on Thursday and said the gameplay reveal would take place at 8 a.m. PT and would be accompanied by an interview with the game’s design lead. This will be the first on Wild Rift that we’ve seen in a while apart from some details shared back in March.

If you're a LoL fan, the video is worth watching in its entirety because there's a lot of information covered and parts of Wild Rift are better understood by seeing them in action. But the gist is that, well, Wild Rift looks great. Instead of clicking furiously to move your character around, you control them directly using a virtual touch joystick for your left thumb, with abilities controlled by your right thumb. Skill shots like Olaf's axe throw, for example, will automatically turn the ability button into a second virtual joystick for aiming, effectively turning Wild Rift into a twin-stick shooter of sorts.

With over 150 characters now in League of Legends, Wild Rift will feature 40 of LoL's most iconic champions once released, with 36 confirmed below so far. The selection on offer features some of the game’s most iconic champions, mostly those who’ve been around since the game’s early days. An important note about Wild Rift is that the game has been built from the ground up, so skins that exist on PC may not all make it to launch. If you need Buy League of Legends Wild Rift Accounts, you can visit our site z2u.com.

Wild Rift will launch on mobile and console and will be a separate title on each. What this means is that Android and iPhone will play together, while console will be alone. Neither will interact with PC. The only thing likely linking the two titles is going to be cross-promotion events, or season event passes being the same on both platforms.

Wild Rift is still a ways out. Riot Games said the first phase of the alpha test is a two-week closed test in Brazil and the Philippines. After that, the alpha will expand to other regions—but who knows how long it could take to arrive in North America and Europe. The other bit of sad news is that Riot already confirmed Wild Rift will be a separate game from LoL, so you won't be able to transfer cosmetics or champions over, either.