Wowhead decides not to continue contract with World of Warcraft Guild and eSports organization Method

Wowhead has made a decision that he will not renew the contract with the World of Warcraft Guild and the eSports organization Method. Before he made this decision, someone had modified their guild therapist, MethodJosh, allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. There are even allegations of misconduct by co-CEO Sascha Steffens. The main allegation is that some of the narratives about MethodJosh's actions have disturbing graphics. Known for streaming and infrequently winning popular community events like the Race to World First — a race between Mythic Guilds to be the primary to down the ultimate boss in any given new raid — Method has been a cornerstone within the World of Warcraft community for years. However, the organization’s handling of those Classic WOW Gold allegations, especially those against MethodJosh, has been a growing reason behind concern for a few times. An increase in women taking to Twitter and therefore the blog site Twitlonger to post a number of their experiences appears to possess made matters impossible to ignore any more. Popular World of Warcraft YouTuber Preach Gaming has also made the choice to chop ties with Method following the statutory offence allegations. Mike tweeted the link to their statement, which was posted to Twitch.Although Method has a lot of unhealthy information, Blizzard has shown its attitude on this and will sever ties with Method. Players can trust Blizzard Entertainment very much. Now the MMOWTS store is selling a large number of safe WOW Classic Gold. This is a company dedicated to protecting customers For high-quality shops with rights and interests, when you purchase goods at the shop, you will sign an agreement with them. This agreement will ensure that the entire transaction process is safe and risk-free. In the statement, Mike speaks about asking Method directly about Josh quite once. However, Method dismissed these queries.It seems Method also failed to inform Preach of a comprehensible investigating into the rape accusation against Josh. While the investigation has since been closed, Josh was still permitted by Method to require place within the Race to World First event while the investigation was still ongoing. Method has also released an announcement on Josh specifically, claiming that it and therefore the guild weren't internally awake to the extent of Josh’s behavior. Others have questioned this, however, claiming many of the allegations against Josh are widely known for a few times. Esports consultant Rod Breslau claimed that several former Blizzard employees informed him that Method’s response was “a lie which members within Method are attentive to Josh’s behavior for quite while.” Perculia, editor-in-chief of Wowhead, released a resource list, which is mainly used to Buy WOW Classic Gold promote information about sexual assault/harassment in streaming media and games, and has a certain educational component. The editor-in-chief also stated that Wowhead will work harder than before to provide a better environment for the audience and will also make this list more inclusive and diverse, supporting those who morally choose to reduce relationships but eventually lose the platform people.