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If you wish to do tons of content PSO2 would be a fantastic

If you wish to do tons of content PSO2 would be a fantastic fit for you. So you can see numbers get bigger, it has convoluted degree and  cheap PSO2 Meseta gear development systems to spend hours viewing guides for just. It has an interface however that does not matter when everything dies. I guess you could do Masquerade depth 999 which seems like one of those endgame directors that can kill you in one 29, if you prefer hardcore articles.

Additionally it seems like the endgame is based round soloing content. Bosses do not really have"team jump rope" mechanics which require everyone to do something to resolve a mystery like XIV for example. If you like soloing but every mechanic turns into aoe spam, that's fine. The style in this game is very good. If you prefer to gacha you are able to spend a lot of money buying scratch tickets.

This is exactly the identical shit individuals attempt to delude themselves into on every single game. "If I am not as far as I can get and people are ahead THATS UNFAIR!" Let's face it 95% of the people had the dedication to be ahead of the game to begin with. These people today delude themselves believing they have the aggressive drive to stay ahead all of the other players. When in fact they have things in their lives that make that physical impossible. There'll always be those tens of thousands of people with no jobs or lives outside games and they don't have a hope of competing with that.

As someone that has been on the devotion to the extreme required to be in the top 20 players on a lot of matches leaderboards. I can say it's fucking unhealthy and unrealistic, no ones on that level. Lately I started playing last oasis with some friends and I come to understand people.

They did this moment. The planet was in lockdown in case you were not conscious. People are out of work with lots of time in their hands, and also a great deal of players have had time to dedicate to a match they would not ordinarily have. In any event, I'm glad you have elected to avoid behavior that is poisonous to you, but remember that your experience might not be applicable or representative to every game. Some folks only need to max v from the initial wave. That has been my experience with multiple MMO launches, and it's always been possible (until now) without changing my ordinary daily customs. That does not require being in the"top 20 players" with no means, but  can you buy meseta on pso2 it surely does demand the game being available on a platform that I own.