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Such a Perpetual Calendar-Patek Philippe Ref.5207

Patek Philippe is capable of doing that in the date display, such as the art piece in 2008-Patek Philippe Ref.5207

As the hand display could not satisfy Patek Philippe, then it replaces with a date aperture. The date aperture on displaying date is completely different from the old way. Patek Philippe is just like a big case that contains complicated components on it, and only show three hands, namely, the hour, minute and second hand. Second hand can display beautiful moon phase, which is attractive. The dial is so simple that makes it easier to read time. Date, week, month and leap year are displayed in four aperture, and are set in line. Leap year display is set besides 6 o'clock. what's more, TOURBILLON, the letter, is branded on the small second, which indicates this is a tourbillon watch. 

It is hard to hide the hand under the dial, as the date aperture may require the overall change to the movement. So when Patek Philippe change the hand display into a date aperture, then it brings much more testes to the movement. How to moves this date aperture is a major problem during the design. But it works out this problem and achieves the simultaneously jump-forward. But what makes us crazier about is the truth that Patek Philippe highlights the Patek Philippe Ref.5207 can work precisely even though it only has 2.5 hours of energy reserve. An invention that we could find on Patek Philippe is quite interesting. The less days left, the much more energy it requires to move date. So, Patek Philippe chooses two springs that works in reverse way. Even in the end of the February, the movement could still have energy to drive the date aperture to display, which makes it outstanding among others. Although 6 years passed, Patek Philippe Ref.5207 is one that rare watches can surpass.