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Ex-'Diablo' in the development of the virus twitch clip is just speculation


On Wednesday afternoon, after a former Blizzard developer released a clip, live stream fails subreddit became popular. Beginning on October 5th, the media was the original Diablo developer and former Blizzard North president David Brevik, who drank too much. Breivik spoke of the cancellation Of Blizzard employees' profit-sharing plans and how they led to the departure of former President Mike Mohammed. "We don't like the low-level employees making money in Blizzard," Breivik said theoretically. "Now we pass it to our pockets And pay more for our mother idiot."

Most of the clips were out of the background, exploded, and have been viewed more than 200,000 times. There are nearly 7,000 votes in favor of live stream fails Path of Exile Currency subreddit, and the comment section has become a sniper of Blizzard. One user wrote, " The future of Blizzard doesn't look too good." "Looking at the creators of Diablo 2 talking about Blizzard on the Path of Exile is my favorite thing this year," another wrote.

Breivik told Newsweek on Twitter that he was only guessing what would happen inside Blizzard. "I just guessed that this is a possible situation," he said. "I don't have inside information... I don't know if I believe It's just a hypothetical scene." Blizzard hasn't contacted Brevik.

"It sounds a bit like I have had a few drinks on a long day," Breivik added. "This may be my sleep time."

After leaving Blizzard, Brevik continued to work in the Graybeard game, making the indie game "It Lurks Below". At Twitch, he and his wife went to the jungle team, and he alone pursued with fans who liked his game.

Before Diablo fans, this past month has been very difficult. Before Blizzard, the long-awaited Diablo 4 has been mentioned online, and fans are waiting to be officially announced. Instead, they acquired Diablo: Immortal, a mobile game created in collaboration with POE Currency Buy Chinese giant Netease. The fans were very dissatisfied with this disclosure and caused strong opposition from the community.

On the day of the announcement, Breivik shared his view of Diablo: immortality after participating in the Warriors basketball game. He believes that fans have the right to be upset, but they need to remain constructive in criticism and not to draw conclusions before we see The game. "Declaring a mobile game to a group of hardcore PC gamers is not the right way," Breivik said.