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The first appeal was the supreme all star team


    The first appeal was the supreme all star team with Mut 20 coins no boundaries to time or team... IE. You could have Barry Sanders as a running back to Precisely the Same team as Michael Vick or Lamar Jackson. Advancing and growing your staff supposed completing various challenges in the sport that could earn you better players e.t.c. Afterward, EA figured out how they could nickel & dime the powerful emotions people have to their favorite players of yore. You could pay actual money to go right ahead and purchase packs of players. Then, they included chance's gambling component to package buying. The pricier the packs the better probability of players that are better, actually playing into a gambler's mentality.

    There is not any reason a player's ability score should increase in a year of supreme team. I understand it in these regular game where reasons fluctuate according to their success throughout the real season. But in ultimate group Michael Vick's rating must be the same from the August since it is in June. It's a nickel & dime money making strategy. There is multiple currencies made to enable you to tweak 1 player to have greater or better ability. I would bet the normal MUT enthusiast pays a $1000 a year participating in MUT and that amount is probably conservative.

    A great idea but you bought Madden. If you want to charge more to get a match style. It needs to be justified. It might cost additional workers to run MUT. Only charge a monthly subscription of ten bucks and let everyone have ALL the players. Envision that dimension for your FIFA & NHL games and there you have it. I second. For the Love of God, most of us watch the Garbage game EA makes every yeat at which we ALL whine and whine, THEN, bend over and buy the new Madden. Stop Buying Madden. Either quit purchasing or stop complaining and live your butts up since it WILL NEVER Change unless you first. Haven't purchased a Madden since 2017 and don't intend on buy 2021.

    Not to be harsh but why the fuck does this surprise you? It has been like this for decades and yet people still buy Madden every year and are bewildered and shocked each and every year that nothing is changed but continue to obtain the game that is broken. It is like when you took a pole and always jabbed it into your leg over and over again but every time expecting a different outcome but are confounded and confused that it hurts every time yet you maintain fucking doing it. The only way to make them make a change is to not buy Madden.

    It is almost like they finally realized letting people upload updated rosters and draft courses made people less inclined to buy the new madden but couldn't eliminate the attribute because they didn't want the backlash,plus it costs money to host the data utilized. So they purposely bugged it and are going to buy Madden nfl 20 coins make people used to it not being a thing so that they can gradually get rid of the feature.