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Madden 20 Bowl Timetable: How to watch and earn twitch packs while watching

The Madden 20 Bowl game schedule will officially start on Wednesday, May 6. The first part of the game will last 4 days until the end of this weekend. Spectators can get special Twitch packages when watching the game. With these Twitch Packs, there is a chance to get a special card to add to the Ultimate Team list. So when and how to watch?

Among the competitors in the Madden 20 Bowl are this year's Madden contest winners, Serious Moe and Noah, as well as 14 other valuable players. In the next few weeks they will compete for a prize pool of $ 220,000 and bragging rights. Active players want to win in this competition, of course, Madden NFL 20 Coins is essential.

Madden 20 bowl final 16 competitors

The group's Madden 20 Bowl schedule is scheduled to start at 5 pm on Wednesday, May 6th. Eastern Time. The game will last until 10 pm. Eastern Time. The game will be available on the official channel of EA Madden NFL Twitch. Also, they will be broadcast live on the ESPN app and YouTube channels.

The group part of the Madden 20 Bowl schedule will end on Saturday, May 9. After that, the next game will start at 5 pm on Thursday, May 14. ET to play against the wild card by 9 pm. Friday, May 15 in the quarterfinals. These will also be displayed on Twitch, YouTube, and ESPN apps. The semi-finals and finals of the Madden 20 Bowl schedule will be held at 5 pm on Saturday, May 16. By 9 pm Eastern time. The content will be displayed on Twitch, YouTube, ESPN2, and ESPN's live streaming websites/apps.

During the Madden 20 Bowl schedule, gamers who link their EA account to their Twitch account will receive a drop. These declines occurred to watch live content frequently. They will take the form of a Madden Twitch combination, similar to the benefits players get when they watch Good Morning Madden streams on Twitch on weekdays.

However, there is a chance to snap up a special 95 OVR NAT Rob Gronkowski card for Madden Ultimate Team. This card was exposed in Good Morning Madden Witch over the past week. You can also get the Gronk card in the Twitch Pack through the Madden Bowl Challenges currently provided by Ultimate Team. Whether you are a new or old player, you always want to Buy MUT 20 Coins directly on the website to get the most benefits in a convenient way. Players can get it on MMOB2C.com, which is absolutely safe and convenient!