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Clogs: the most comfortable and warm footwear to be at home (and to go out) is brought to us by a brand made in Spain


    And it is that clogs (which were already a trend last season ) are the most practical footwear to combine with your looks of being at home . They are very comfortable and are especially easy to put on and take off. In addition, if you get some hair, you will get to have warm feet all winter.

    The Spanish firm endy shelton has the most beautiful model of the season. They are brown clogs that have a fur-lined interior. They have an adjustable buckle that allows you to adapt them to your foot to offer greater comfort.

    The smaller numbers (36 and 37) are already sold out on the brand's website, but you can still find them between 38 and 41 candy godiva. As for their price, it is € 49.90 .

    Although it is not a very high number, it may not be within reach of the tightest pockets. If this is your case, do not suffer, because we have found an alternative that is just as beautiful and comfortable but much cheaper. In fact, it will cost you less than € 20.


    We are referring to eli kay oliphant clogs. They are tan brown in color and have a very light platform measuring 4.5cm. Both the interior and exterior are lined with fur, which makes them very warm.

    They are available in various numbers (from 34/35 to 40/41), but some are few units nik hirschi , so you will have to hurry to get them. Its price is € 19.99 .