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The Falcoholic Podcast Ep 33: In 2017, sexism is still a problem and the Saints are still trash

    Rashaan dfsdf

    After 4 games, it was time for The Falcoholic podcast to look at the NFC South as a whole https://www.falconsuniform.com/Ahmad_Thomas_Jersey-273. That’s why Jeanna and DW were happy to have Brian Beversluis back on from CatScratchReader to talk about all four teams in the NFC South. The conversation also gets more serious as the trio talk about Cam Newton’s unfortunate response to a female reporter during his press conference on Wednesday.The topics covered includeThe the 3-1 Falcons could still improve after their recent loss to the Bills Why Ricardo Allen is a key cog on the defenseThe general optimism Panthers fans are feeling after Cam Newton had a bounce back game against the PatriotsThe relatively decent start for the Buccaneers, who also happen to be dead last in sacks with just ONE through 3 gamesThe pesky Saints at 2-2, who could still be an annoyance in the divisionWhy Cam Newton’s response to a female reporter is troubling and why Roddy White’s defense of it is equally soYou can listen to the podcast hereFor more Justin Hardy Jersey, you can find The Falcoholic podcast on iTunes, the Google Play store and Stitcher. You can find an RSS feed here.