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Players are more likely to play on the Stage and make virtual money

Point guards have struggled to become active builders over the past two years. There is no clear advantage in playing a point guard, the increased speed is insignificant when the benefit of 2K22 MT having a Point Forward construction are considered. A Point Forward has more potential than a guard. I would like to find out how 2K Sports address archetypes by developing designs that have inherent strengths and weaknesses. For example, an undersized center will speed up their movement but their lack of dimension will make the task of defending famous players more difficult.

MyCourt was once a vital element of 2K However, the feature has lost luster over the last couple of years. The MyCourt was a place that allowed MyPlayers to improve their skills by practicing drills. This was an innovative idea that rewarded players who made extra effort in the game. Since its introduction, MyPlayer's improvements have been restricted to the practice facilities. The MyCourt is now only used for HORSE. The MyCourt was once a great place for players to deal with their rivalries. Two players would have an unison game on MyCourt, and the winner would get bragging rights.

Players are more likely to play on the Stage and make virtual money. The MyCourt isn't designed with a clear purpose. I like the idea of the MyCourt being a space to allow Pro-Am teams to train or Cheap NBA 2K22 MT relax. Pro-Am is a crucial component of 2K and has become more important since the advent of eSports. The MyCourt could be an area where teams play a game and figure out problems with chemistry.