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I noticed that even with all addons turned off

I noticed that even with all addons turned off, no whatever version of DX I picked, VSync on or off and no matter it was that my GPU was reaching it's limit the game would display a levels of flickering. With  WOW TBC Classic Gold all its lush vegetation and zones such as Nagrand the GPU of my computer would be overloaded to 100% and eventually lead to slowing down.

It would appear that the WoW engine really isn't a fan of when the GPU controls my settings. Even though my CPU wasn't sweating, I saw the flickering of my GPU when it was running at its maximum. And having addons enabled really exacerbated this flickering.

My game's FPS limit was set to 60. This made playing more enjoyable. Although it's annoying when you can see your back at 60 after playing for a while but it's significantly better than the flickering I had experienced.

So after changing my settings and setting my framerate to 60 frames per second, I still was seeing a fair amount of flickering as I mentioned in my previous article. I thought it was the GPU was the culprit, but a small part of me thought that it wasn't. In other games where my GPU was also being stretched to the limits, I'd not have any issues. There is a need for an upgraded GPU at some point just since it's now time for an upgrade. (I had planned to make my upgrade to my GPU this year but it's not happening. ...) I'm a bit sceptical). the GPU itself is fine and there are no issues with the hardware.

My issue isn't due to Windows 10's outdated DWM, Desktop Window Manager, or refresh rate code. And so when WoW on my primary monitor had be synchronized to  buy WOW TBC Gold the speed that my GPU could achieve, which is usually not quite 144 FPS. It would eventually encounter an issue. Since my second monitor was being 144hz, the DWM would then cause some flickering as it dropped the frames from my primary monitor.