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Kritika: REBOOT Re-launches With New Classes and Content

It looks like ALLM is serious about Kritika:REBOOT. The game that died and then came back in 2019 is now adding a new class, the first one that’s been implemented in any version of the game for years.

MMOCulture has the trailer and the news on the new class, which is a female warrior — and that’s not a description, it’s the actual name of the class. She appears to be more graceful and fluid than her hulking male counterpart, and being half-naked probably ensures that she has good defensive stats.

There’s no word on whether she’ll be making the transition to the English version of the game on Steam, but you’d have to think that will be happening sooner rather than later. If Kritika wants to re-establish itself in the West, it will need to make moves, and make them fast. The game was surprisingly popular upon its return in November, but it’s already bled off a third of its players since then. In addition, Cheap Kritika: REBOOT Gold is on hot sale at our website z2u.com.

Apparently, some games just can’t be killed. At least, that seems to be the case with Kritika Online — or as it’s now being distributed on Steam, Kritika:REBOOT. Some of you may recall that Kritika Online was shut down in North America and Europe back in March as En Masse decided to step away as its publisher. Now, the game is back on Steam with developer ALLM having decided to publish it themselves.

Kritika: REBOOT is a highly dynamic, fast paced action MMO. There are over-world hubs where players traditionally relax, take quests, sell items, upgrade gear and talk amongst one another.