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It was that guys like Kyrie and Isaiah Thomas would get loaded

There needs to be ways beyond evaluations to NBA 2K21 MT create players"feel" right. With no badges, players have different attributes and various evaluations. So many gamers would feel the same if they left it up to all those factors to differentiate gamers. How do you make PJ Tucker feel just like PJ Tucker? He is not rated that highly and his traits aren't good for a heart. He is a good defender that is interior. I agree that it's too OP since even from position defenders can induce misses without playing good defense. But the only way to prevent PJ Tucker from becoming scored on always just for being short is to add badges such as intimidator.

It was that guys like Kyrie and Isaiah Thomas would get loaded. Adding some of the badges, while unrealistic, made them actually perform as though they separated them from scrubs that were a little taller that were better and are supposed to. I do agree that a few badges need tuning though. There are plenty of instances however they alter the shot at the rim.

The Intimidator badge has been nerfed for NBA 2K21

That's already in NBA 2K21 and it's called contesting a shooter. Individuals are not bricking because they fearful of him, if Gobert does not contest in life. Occasionally he along with other good rimprtecting men in the NBA just kind of imitation as though they're going to leap up and Cheap 2K21 MT block, but then they don't because they understand they ought to nevertheless guard different guys right under the hoop, but fake will mess up the guy with the ball a little bit. But yeah usually that only works if the guy is a big center for blocking shots known.