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You and your staff will be within the darkened world

You would have to kill every Zamorakian or even Saradominist you visit with the military helping you out.Then after that,you would have to meet the opposing God then Saradomin and RuneScape gold Zamorak would bring up and their swords and charge at each other.Just as they were about to clash,a bright display appears and then you would be standing beside Sedridor again.After you two had discussed what you saw,a few items related to that God you served would appear out of nowhere.You get to keep the items as a reward.

I believe that it would be cool of there was a mini game where you can fight the runscape gods in a battle that can cause you to be rich, or destroy you. Basically you'd be in a arena and you opt for a god to fight and if you win you get some type of great reward. But if you lose, you lose all of you items that you brought with you along with your xp in 3 arbitrary skills will be lowered to perhaps about 50k below the xp you began wit, depending on your level.

Here's a list of some of the probable rewards. God charms (a brand new spell book that has extremely powerful spells inside. NOTE you won't acquire every single spell in your first kill, you'll need to kill the boss multiple times if you would like to achieve the entire spell book.

Unbelievable powerful armor that boosts your stats very high AND each set of armor will teleport you to the god stadium with no runes (this teleport capability will never run out or need recharging) You might as well receive some very interesting emotes and level 4 hint scrolls. Well is about all that I can imagine, in case you have any thoughts, please post them.

You've seen a lot of Monster noobs just healing and hitting, What is the advantage of this? Do you desire a very hard monster with several approaches and stuff? Safe conflict? (Not losing your stuff once you lose): No, But the battle installation will be short unlike Tk tok jad's Fight pit. Anything to do before you struggle Nemesis? : Yes, you must get up to 5-10 People (Max: 10) before fighting Nemesis and there will a portal site, giving you a warning that you cannot return as you get within the portal.

You and your staff will be within the darkened world viewing many human bones on floor along with a gate with several skulls over it. Once you and your staff entered the gate, you're going to be given a time limit to kill all 30 level 50 Nemesis' soldiers in 10 Minutes. Obviously, your staff can help you, but If you and OSRS buy gold your staff don't make it at the time, Nemesis will immediately develop and banish having a davasting dark ball or just grip your entire teammates and be routed to Lumbridge (together with your own 3 Items, everything else will be missing )