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I think it would be wonderful to have some form of box similar

The participant  OSRS Items on your team with the lowest assault level switches attack levels together with the opponent using the maximum attack level in your minimap.20 minute recharge. The player in your team with the cheapest defense level switches shield levels with the opponent using the highest defense level on your minimap.20 minute recharge

Retributional healing: The 3 players with the lowest hp in your clan drain hp in the opposing clan's 3 healthiest players. (just half of those competitions health can be emptied.) Bless a priest dress top, bottom, green cape, or personnel of water from the name of guthix. No items are tradeable. Only blessable in case you have lost or ruined the thing in question. Please be constructive with criticism.

Personally, I despise the party area. I dislike not being able to give things to a specific set of individuals, but not much could be done about that without even letting real world trading I suppose. Then there are the people who stop and want to give their items away, but end up having most of these given to individuals they really* do not feel deserve it. How many times have you been to fall parties that were crowded by a bunch of arbitrary crashers that out-compete the folks originally encouraged to be there? Would you actually need to reward this type of behaviour?

I think it would be wonderful to have some form of box similar to the party chest but different in the way it distributes items. Instead of placing the items in balloons to be popped from the party space, it should distribute these things to a random participant that's presently online. The player wouldn't have to do any specific activity or be in any particular location to receive OSRS Gold For Sale these gifts and the giveaway should be inter-world.