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3 Changes EA Sports Should Make For Madden 22

As EA Sports continues to benefit from record sales figures, the most popular American football franchise is booming. After Madden recently joined the face of franchise story mode, he saw that EA has learned a lot of experience with realistic cutscenes, but Madden 22 has a lot to do. If you are a Madden player, then you can Buy Madden 21 Coins to enhance your strength in the game.

Upgrade server
As we all know, EA servers are not reliable, so Madden's servers can sometimes be the worst when surfing the Internet, which is not surprising. European players are constantly matched with American users, which allows Madden fans to fight with high latency in simulation games that matter every second.

A well-built drive can be destroyed in a matter of seconds because the AI ​​defense line puts pressure on the quarterback, and the quarterback is controlled by players who are forced to rush into the game. With the year-on-year growth of American football, the online experience on Madden 21 needs to be optimized for global users every year, without being furious like Snoop Dogg.

Catch up with competitors in multi-user games
With many cards in the Madden Ultimate team costing a lot of Madden 21 Coins, it is time for EA to allow more players to play online. Although the new 3v3 features are very popular in Madden 21, something is clearly missing. Madden fans may not line up for the offensive line in online matches, but EA has plenty of room to promote online team matches. The 6v6 mode allows fans to play on all non-offensive line positions in the offense.

Improve AI difficulty setting
The Madden community is often forgotten and cannot create a custom slider difficulty setting every year. Although for all novices, All-Madden may be difficult at the beginning, it eventually became clear what kind of game can be played with every AI-controlled team without the need for Madden 21. One of the best quarterbacks. The online community should not be left to design a set of sliders to create a simulated experience that requires hours of testing and changes after patching. If you need to Buy MUT 21 Coins, then you are welcome to visit the famous GameMS.