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Animal Crossing: Players want to make a wish during a meteor shower

Running a tiny island town in Animal Crossing: New Horizons quite a bit of fun for players who consume a laid-back simulation-style game, but Animal Crossing still keeps players busy with plenty of events all year round. Some occur a few times, such as the Fishing Tourney. However, a reoccurring event that numerous players take the lookout for would be the Meteor Shower that's liable to bring shooting stars on their island's night sky.

Catching a Meteor Shower if this happens over a player's Animal Crossing island can be tough. But Buy Bells Animal Crossing to prepare for the meteor shower is a great choice. The event happens randomly on any day of every week, as well as doesn't correlate to player islands. The event starts after 7 PM, and fans must keep close track of the night sky making use of their right joystick to find information on if they need the stars. To wish on the shooting star, a gamer must hit the 'A' button just as the heavens wink into view. Wandering the region and wishing on these stars is often a relaxing way of spending an evening in Animal Crossing.

On the second day of the "Animal Crossing" meteor shower event, players can search on the beach to find scattered "interstellar debris". As long as they hope to have enough meteors when they wished the night before, players can collect up to 20-star fragments. They can find regular star fragments, large star fragments, and zodiac fragments. The zodiac fragments change according to the constellation throughout the year, and with the change of the month, the player is busy collecting various things.

Star Fragments may be used to craft more information on different recipes, from space-themed walls and flooring into a large rocket decoration. Star Fragments may also be needed to craft Animal Crossing's Magic Wands which permit players to instantly develop into pre-set outfits wherever they are stored on their island. Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons is such an exciting and relaxing treat for players who would like to get away from the strain of everyday life, and catching a Meteor Shower is really a great method to end daily exploring.