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8 Tips On Starting Your Own Removals Company

8 Tips On Starting Your Own Removals Company

Starting a moving company is not an easy job as it requires lot of research and planning. Before starting a removals company, the first thing you need to do is find out which type of moving company you would like to start. You can start a removals company that specifically provides services for residential customers or for moving businesses.
Whatever type of moving business you intend to establish, make sure you do your best in making your service appear different and better as compared to your competitors. Here are some things that you should set up to make sure you successfully start your moving company:

1.Packing and Moving Equipment

If you get a contract of relocating a house to a new place, your moving company should have all the packing and moving equipment that will be required for transporting the packed items. Hence, you need to spend some time in understanding the kind of equipment you need. A simple way to do this is to checkout what equipment are being used by some of the leading moving companies in your city.

2.Regulation and Permits

Before launching your moving company, you should make sure you have the licence to establish it. You will also be required to have the appropriate insurance policies and worker's compensation insurance.

3.Hiring Staff

You should hire highly qualified staff who can pack and move heavy and fragile items with utmost care. You will need some staff members to go to the site for packing and moving the items from the old house/office to the new house/office. You will also need some staff members who will remain at the office and take care of all the paper work. Moreover, you need staff to provide customer support to your clients.

4.Packing Material

You should make sure that all the packing materials that are used by your staff to pack the items of the clients are safe and sturdy. They should make sure that all the fragile and brittle items are packed safely so that there is no damage done during the shifting process.


You should use different kinds of vehicles such as small, medium and large. Having two or three or more vehicles will help you provide service to different clients simultaneously.


Your moving company should provide the clients with insurance if there is any damage done to his items during the Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad shifting process. The insurance will let him cover the damage. Hence, you should make sure that you provide insurance coverage from a well known insurance providing company.

7.Customer Support


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Any business is unsuccessful if they do not listen to the concerns of the people and provide them proper guidance. This can only be done by setting up a customer service team that is able to deal with the issues of the clients through phone and email.

8.Price Quote and Website

You should build a website so that people can visit it and come to know about the Packers and Movers Ahmedabad services you are offering. Another important thing you need to do is mention the price quote clearly on the website.