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Impossible to say I began working on it about a month


    Impossible to say I began working on it about a month and  Animal Crossing Items a half ago and stored at it off and on bit by bit during this time. Still little bits that I'm gonna keep working on!

    That is so cool! I actually made Aeriths home from FFVII in Animal crossing (the place in the movie, furnishing is still in advance ) but want to create my next island Kingdom hearts themed

    I would like villagers to say over 4 lines. More interactivity together, like quests, games, activities, adventures, taking them flights to new islands etc.. Imagine having a"game night" and each villager has different propensities for different games or they have stats that make them good in dexterity games or even thinking games. How about consuming the stuff I set down be interactive, aka games, activities, etc? Throw parties, challenges, SOMRTHING. Fuck the game is just SO BLAND. It's just making things fairly and nothing. The villagers suck, the insistent"actions" suck, it is so dull. 50 hours I turned off it and never needed to perform again. Every game had evolved the formula already.

    So my 60 year-old daddy plays Animal Crossing with me personally. Today, he excitedly told me that the villagers were calling his dad. He thinks they love him , they think of him because their daddy. I don't have the guts to tell him that I put his nickname to"Dad" months ago

    My concept for another Animal Crossing game

    The original No Man's Sky was among my favorite games next to Journey and New Leaf. This could be a fantasy come true for me

    Yeah and corner is substituted buy Elon Musk and Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells for sale the nokkling by two little Jeff Bezos with big heads!

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