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Nah Isabelle will be talking abt her missing jeans

Nah Isabelle will be talking abt her missing jeans and fav tv show even with Animal Crossing Items all the entire world burning around her

Saw this exact same joke just like a week after the game came out. . .didn't think it would still be accurate months after lol.

For a solid two months, AC was a powerful enough distraction from the horrors of the planet. Now I can not appear to play for more than five minutes before having to huddle in a corner and weep.

That is me with my brown sugar milk tea from Gong Cha! I even put a Boba store in my island!

I despise how accurate this is with the boba. .

Damn, this is actually really great. Possessing the Villager houses lined up where the Hotel is was smart

Wowowowow just woke up and saw these amazing messages thank you!!! I'm brand new to reddit and don't really know awards and whatnot yet just another thank you to people who gave you one!

I don't have any clue how many hours it required but the preparation started on newspaper a week or so before I unlocked terraforming (no moment travelling on MY island!) . It's been a month and a half since that time.

For anybody who's eager to Nook Miles Ticket see, my fantasy address is DA-1734-3691-8578. Just Remember that the rest of my island is really a disgusting mess lmao