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Using the manual method means

There are  WoTLK Classic Gold a lot of WoW addons to choose from, so it's easy to become overwhelmed if not sure what to search for. The ones listed here are some of the most well-known, as well as a few of our own favorites. No matter if you're playing for hours every day , or only checking in once or twice each week, you're guaranteed to discover something that will make your time in Azeroth so much more enjoyable.

Before jumping straight into the list WoW addons down below, here's what you must know in order to get these working.

How do I install WoW addons

The most common method of setting up WoW addons is via an addon manager and, for a long time, there have been a variety of options to select from. But Overwolf purchased CurseForge the biggest WoW addon repository in 2020 . It has since put a stop to other addon manager apps accessing its API. Apps such as WowUp work, but you won't be in a position to install or update extensions from CurseForge.

Most people don't care for Overwolf however, it has recently released an application that is standalone of the CurseForge application. You'll have to choose it in the menu dropdown.

If you'd rather to install your addons by hand without the need for additional software, it's an incredibly effortless and straightforward procedure. Simply download the addon, extract it from the ZIP file and drop it into the Addons folder located in your World of Warcraft installation, which you should find at World of Warcraft/_retail_/Interface/Addons.

Using the  buy WoTLK Classic Gold manual method means you'll have to keep track on addons manually and follow the steps above each time an update is available. It's not easy If you're planning to run more that a few addons, you should consider searching for an addon manager to free up time that could be used to play Azeroth.