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      Top 5 Best Credit Cards In India For July 2023

      Top 5 Best Credit Cards In India For July 2023 : Fea...s 1. AU Bank Credit Card A...p;HSBC Cashback Credit Card A...nnual Fee : Nil for 1st year (N...hers, access to <83786 75187="search-highlight 267381">the786> Luxe Gift Card, o<83786 75187="search-highlight 267381">the786>r vouchers...5 reward points for every INR...SimplyCLICK SBI Credit C...






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        What is the 40/30/30 rule?

        A 40/30/30 plan is one in which 40% of your daily calories come for carbohydrate sources, 30% of your daily calories come from protein sources, and, you guessed it, 30% of your daily calories come from fat sources.
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          Which credit card is number one in India?

          Top Credit Cards in India 2023...Categories Credit Card Best Credit Cards for Shopping an...rd Chartered Manhattan Credit Card&nbs...redit Card Best Credit Cards to Trav...2. HDFC Platinum Plus Credit C...
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            What is credit card risk?

            Credit risk is 77="87723 search-highlight-color1">the probability of a financial...ure to repay a loan. Essentially, credit risk refers to 77="87723 search-highlight-color1">the r...isk that a lender may not receive 77="87723 search-highlight-color1">the owed prin...of cash flows and increased costs for coll...
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              Does US bank require proof of income?

              You will also need: Proof of income: Have copies of recent pay stubs or W-2 tax forms to show how much you make and prove that you'll be able to pay back what you borrow.
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                Is 70k credit limit good?

                <83372 class="71320 search-highlight-color1">The72> average credit card limit overall is around $13,000, and people who have limits as high as $70,000 typically have good to excellent credit, a high income and little to no existing debt.
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                  Is 25% high for a credit card?

                  This is one example of “bad APR,” as carrying a balance at a 25% APR can easily create a cycle of consumer debt if things go wrong and leave <37791 class="search-highlight search-highlight-color1">the7791> cardholder worse off than when <37791 class="search-highlight search-highlight-color1">the7791>y started.
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                    What credit limit can I get with a 750 credit score?

                    What credit score is needed to get a high-limit credit card? VantageScore 3.0 credi...$3,481.02 640–700 $4,735.10...
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                      How much credit limit should a 25 year old have?

                      Good Credit Limits by Age Group Age Group Good Credit Limit Gen Z (18-24) $9,000 Millennials (24-39) $22,000 Gen X (40-55) $34,000 Baby Boomers (56-74) $39,000
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                        Is 20% high for a credit card?

                        71">The APR you receive is based on your credit score – 71">the higher your score, 71">the lower your A...h is 71">the current average for credit cards. People w...it may only have options for higher APR credit cards ar...
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                          Can I pay house rent with SBI credit card?

                          797="79844 107561">There are many customers who use a credit card to pay 797="79844 107561">their monthly house rent. It is because this is 797="79844 107561">the most convenient way to do so. However, earlier using 797="79844 107561">the credit card of SBI to pay rent cost you INR 99+ taxes as a processing fee.