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  • Star Wars Rumor Says The Old Republic Will Be Focus of Movies From Game of Thrones Showrunners 2

    If these films do indeed transpire hundreds of years prior to Buy SWTOR Credits the Skywalkers, it will most likely not be around some time of Knights with the Old Republic, which was held 4000 years ahead of the formation in the Galactic Republic. However, due to the fact KOTOR isn't...

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  • SWTOR Creative Director Teases Big Announcements at Celebration Cantina 2019

    BioWare published a self-made interview with creative director Charles Boyd to disclose interesting behind-the-scenes specifics about the design decisions and narrative from SWTOR Update 5.10 Jedi Under Siege. He also hinted in a potentially big reveal or even an announcement with the SWTOR Credi...

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  • SWTOR 5.10.2 Heralds of Victory: Everything You Need to Know

    This April BioWare releases Update 5.10.2 to Star Wars: The Old Republic. This patch is quite small over a first glimpse, however it contains three interesting new total well being features which have been in high demand for just a very long time – Guild Heraldry tool, helping you to create...

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  • SWTOR: decisions in the single-player part

    The story of KotET is the usual organic food. There are funny dialogues, exciting stories and one or the other phrase that you do not immediately suspect. The decisions praised by Bioware certainly have their consequences. Especially one that concerns former Imperator Arcann, which the player has...

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  • SWTOR: First gameplay trailer released for Knights of the Fallen Empire

    What role does the player take in the third SWTOR expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, and what does the title "stranger" mean? First answers to Buy SWTOR Credits these questions are provided by the gameplay trailer "Become the Outlander", which Bioware and EA have ...

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