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  • Path Of Exile Is Coming To PS4 In March

    The continually evolving Path of Exile will in the end see the release on the long-awaited PS4 edition later in March. Intended to become released following your launch from the POE Currency last expansion, Betrayal, in December, the experience was abruptly delayed just before its planned launch....

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  • The Matrix: Path of Neo First Look

    We recently had a opportunity to sit down with Shiny Entertainment's Dave Perry for any sneak peek with the studio's next game dependant on The Matrix films. The Matrix: Path of Neo will likely be a third-person action game made up of POE Currency pretty much every one of the events from ...

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  • Twitch streaming record broken by Path of Exile Player 2

    Zizaran streamed 505 hours and 26 minutes throughout 30 days, the majority of while playing Path of Exile. The previous record was set by streamer Giantwaffle at 402 hours and 57 minutes, giving Zizaran a nutritious lead over his competition. To reach that number he to stream nearly 17 hours each...

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  • Path of Exile: Synthesis is Now Live

    Grinding Gear Games’ latest Challenge League brings potentially profitable new skills, items, and changes on the action RPG. Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile incorporates a smattering of POE Currency latest content available, thanks on the launch with the Synthesis League. T...

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  • Path of Exile Gets Yet Another Expansion: Forsaken Masters

    It wasn’t that in the past, the 2009 March in reality, that Grinding Gear Games released the Vaal expansion which added corrupted items and special “rifts” that generated new uber-bosses. It was quite a impressive addition to the brand new game, considering it still remained fre...

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  • Path of Exile Synthesis expansion and PS4 release date confirmed 3

    Disengage: Disengage is uniquely a have the hell away from here skill, in lieu of a distance closer. When disengage can be used, enemies nearby are blinded since you jump behind that you a safer distance. Mechanically speaking, it is fairly much like Smoke Mine in Path of Exile, though devoid of ...

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  • Betrayal may be the Next Path of Exile League

    When Path of Exile launches the Betrayal league in December, it will likely be the game's biggest anyone to date. Players set off while on an adventure which will see them searching for members on the Immortal Syndicate and targeting them for POE Currency assassination. But it's greater s...

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  • 5 great builds to help you receive started in Path of Exile's new Pokémon-esque league 2

    Engineering Eternity's build guide may be the one to read, especially for anyone who is new, since he stops working how to level the smoothness (something plenty of build guides skip). Youtuber LiftingNerdBro's take about the Frostbolt Totem Hierophant is a wonderful build for POE Curr...

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  • Massive Content Update For Path Of Exile 3

    Here's Ghazzy's written guide. It's not probably the most comprehensible achievable players, but once you have started I guarantee it's going to begin to Buy POE Currency produce more sense. Sunder has one in the most popular skills for league starter builds. While it isn&...

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