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I actually just, for this purpose, just until we construct the shoe, I just have a bottle that I'm using, this is gonna be kind of reference to where my heel is. Okay? And the reason we're gonna do this is because we now need to make the arch of the shoe, right? We need to make the arch part of what the shoe looks like. I'm taking cardboard, and I'm Golden Goose Soldes gonna cut out the arch of the shoe.

The trailers (both standard and the recent red band) touch on scenarios that call out the casual racism still acted out in a supposedly "postracial" America.Although the statements and questions raised by the lead character Samantha White may seem outlandish to some white Americans, for far too many African Americans her rants represent everyday reality.Here are some things called out in the trailers which, if you are doing them, are indeed racist.For those wondering, there's no minimum.It is possible to have never seen a black person in your life and STILL know that certain attitudes and behaviors are inherently wrong!This is why some people must stop using their socalled "black friends" as a buffer against being called out for racist behavior.Having black friends, black significant others, or even biracial children cannot make you magically stop being racist if this is behavior you've long internalized.Treating someone like an exotic animal because the texture of their hair "fascinates" you is racist.It's disturbing how many people think nothing of approaching a stranger or casual acquaintance and asking to touch their hair, as if they just stepped on Earth from another planet. That's assuming permission is even asked.For black people with afros, braids, or other unique hairstyles this is a common complaint.Engaging In "Ghetto" and "Hood" StereotypesAs character Lionel demonstrates, there is no right or wrong way to be black in America. Some people would assume that because he has a huge afro that he's very "Afrocentric".(Note: An afro is not a political statement, it's just the way someone's hair grows out of their head.