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Enjoy The Fast And Exciting Hack into MU

By futshop

Enjoy The Fast And Exciting Hack And Slash MU Legend
Another 'MU' comes into the world. The value of MU IP (intellectual property rights), which has been expanding, seems to rise further. As the game is considered to be the most anticipated game in 2017, attention is focused on the popularity of the mu legend zen game.

'MU Legend' is based on simple manipulation, and can enjoy the fast and exciting 'Hack and Slash' which can be experienced only in PC MMORPG and mass siege. He collaborated with composer Jesper Kyd, who was responsible for game music such as 'Assassin's Creed' and 'Hitman', to further improve game completeness and immersion.
Webzen has added two different non-public tests to listen to gamers' comments, as well as differentiated content from 'MU Legend'. buy mu legend zen Field contents such as 'Invasion of Monsters' and 'Field Reid Boss' and 'Myth Dungeon' for the top level users are unique contents that can be experienced only in 'MU Legend'.By here thanks, well done as MU legend game now!