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EA Sports said in fifa 17

By futshop

EA Sports said in "fifa 17", they should not only consider the old players, also have to think of some way to attract new players.Easy to use, therefore, is the most important.Team a fifa 17 coins is designed exclusively for new players, it can always remind players what operation.

Under what circumstances can be taken to press any key to implement and so on."It's like a experts have been with you."EA Sports official said in a statement.In addition, the challenge of the fifa 17 mode is no longer only pay attention to the difficulty, but many novice to practice the basic skills of new content.

New to the novice so take care, and the old players?The team said they will be committed to all-round improving football experience.On the defensive, the players have more intercept method, and the attacker to tear line passing options is more.Inspired by his coal, EA cheap fifa 17 coins Sports introduced a new kind of "no contact dribbling" mechanism, allowing a skilled player without being defensive players met with the ball.In addition, the direction of the shot selection operation seems to have changed.

Through these changes, we can see the fifa 17 teams in the change of attitude.Firmly domination of the football game market, they now have started a different approach to enhance the gaming experience, while still in the optimization of the collision system experience of fut 17 coins winning eleven 2016 is to continue to play the role of chaser.
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