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Egg yolk lecithin is a traditional and powerf


YANGON Alex Gordon Jersey , Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- The 4th edition of the Yoma Yangon International Marathon will be held in Myanmar's Yangon on Jan. 17 next year, according to race organizers on Saturday.


Under the theme of ""Run for Children"", the biggest marathon event jointly organized by First Myanmar Investment and Yangon City Development Committee is targeting more than 5,000 runners in 2016.


The nation's largest annual marathon will continue the charity theme launched last year and will unite participants, Charity Ambassadors and the public to raise funds for underprivileged children in Myanmar.


The race will include 42km event, half marathon Alcides Escobar Jersey , 10km challenge and 5km3km fun runwalk.


The start and finish point of the various races is Thuwanna Indoor Stadium.

" Global Egg Yolk Lecithin Market Insights, Trends & Future Development Status Rec

Posted by Arslan on December 12th, 2018


The rise in disease outbreaks has steered consumers’ focus toward following a healthier lifestyle, and are more concerned about safety of food they consume. This has driven the demand for nutrient-rich food & beverage products and supplements that contain naturally-sourced ingredients, such as egg yolk lecithin. Egg yolk lecithin has been associated with several health benefits, such as cholesterol regulation Bo Jackson Jersey , fat digestion, and plays an imperative role in brain formation, memory, and sleep induction.


Demand for egg yolk lecithin in the pharmaceutical industry has shown a significant rise on the coattails of its ability in preventing and treating diseases apropos of liver, and neurological disorders. However, declining demand for whole-grain bakery products George Brett Jersey , particularly in developed regions such as Europe and North America, will continue to constrain growth of the Egg Yolk Lecithin Market in the near future.


A new FactMR research study foretells that the egg yolk lecithin market will register an impressive 6.2% value CAGR during the forecast period 2018 to 2028. Enzymes have witnessed an uptake of demand, underpinned by regulatory support of numerous agencies such as the European Commission, and the FDA, which in turn is likely to augur well for future growth of the egg yolk lecithin market.


Egg Yolk Lecithin Market: Trans-Fat Food Consumption Trends to Foster Growth


According to the WHO, over 1.9 Bn adults worldwide were overweight in 2016 Wholesale Kansas City Royals Jerseys , out of which more than 650 Mn were obese. Over the past few years, prevalence of obesity has skyrocketed, on the coattails of changing dietary patterns and sedentary lifestyles of people. Additionally, desk-bound work and lethargic lifestyle of individuals across developed and developing regions has translated into high incidences of lifestyle disorders and chronic ailments.


Consumers across the globe, recognizing the concern and becoming more health-conscious, are now opting for consumption of low-calorie and trans-fat food ingredients Wholesale Royals Jerseys , such as egg yolk lecithin. Egg yolk lecithin has been associated with weight-loss benefits in light of its property of breaking fats down to smaller molecules, which the body utilizes as energy rather than storing the fat. This, in combination with consumer demand for trans-fat food ingredients, will continue to drive expansion of the egg yolk lecithin market.


Fluctuating Raw Material Prices Confining Growth Prospects of Egg Yolk Lecithin Market


According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), egg prices have increased by 35% than the previous year, significantly influenced by the ripple effects of bird flu that devastated the poultry sector in Midwest in 2015. Egg costs in Europe also witnessed an uptick Cheap Kansas City Royals Jerseys , as a large amount of eggs were affected from insecticides used for controlling fleas in chickens.


Additionally, in developing countries of Asia, such as India, egg prices witnessed fluctuations against the backdrop of intense cold wave that resulted in steep decline in egg production, while egg consumption continued to grow. Such rise in cost of eggs is expected to rub off on prices of its by-products, and egg yolk lecithin is no exception. Uncertainties are therefore likely to prevail to some extent Cheap Royals Jerseys , with fluctuating raw material costs confining future growth prospects of the egg yolk lecithin market.


Egg Yolk Lecithin Market: Upward Trends of Non-GMO & Clean Label Products to be a Key Growth Determinant


Egg yolk lecithin is a traditional and powerful emulsifier employed for stabilizing oil in water emulsions, such as in hollandaise and mayonnaise sauce. In the current era of clean labels, egg yolk lecithin falls in line with consumer concerns regarding authenticity and environmental footprint of additives used in food. This will continue to fuel growth of the egg yolk lecithin market.


With consumers becoming more aware about foods that they consumer owing to detailed labelling provided by producers, products devoid of artificial, chemically-synthesized additives are more sought-after. Shifting consumer preference for clean label products will augur well for expansion of the egg yolk lecithin market. Challenges pertaining to compilation of ingredient lists including simpler, natural Royals Joakim Soria Jersey , and allergen-free elements are offset by the healthy & natural attributes of egg yolk lecithin, which is likely to bolster its popularity as a clean-label ingredient in the near future.


Majority of consumers have inclined to safer side, opting for non-GMO ingredients such as egg yolk lecithin, as science points at potency of increased allergies, and several digestive ailments to grow into complex disorders. Additionally, egg yolk lecithin is being preferred over vegetable-sourced lecithin Royals Danny Duffy Jersey , as the latter comprises enzyme inhibitors that make digestion of carbohydrate and proteins a challenge.


Egg Yolk Lecithin Market: Uptake of Nutraceuticals to Augur Well for Future Expansion


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