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An unexpected benefit

By smrtsmith


“I was able to gain 200 levels as well as echo a great deal of your comments here, it absolutely was fun to determine so many others on Yavin, in Black Hole, over on Iokath and Section X,” Producer Keith Kanneg said within a forum thread last Wednesday. And really, who wouldn’t want be there when the sport was practically freely giving CXP?
The whole Command Rank system continues to be one on the most criticized inclusions in SWTOR for any very very long time. In fact, that it was such SWTOR Credits an unsatisfactory system that numerous players – including me – chose to not get involved in it. Unlike some, I didn’t quit the experience, but I wouldn't actively pursue gaining CXP. There are actually fixes for the system like raid bosses dropping specific items of gear rather than players relying about the random Command Crates, but also for my raid group, that had been far too little far too late. They were gone.
With this bug as well as the subsequent encouragement from your Producer of the action himself for taking advantage with the bug, I went ahead and joined inside the fun. I have two characters well inside Tier 2 Command Rank. I was late towards the party due to my aversion to command rank inside the first place, so those of yourself who took Buy SWTOR Credits part before could’ve earned far greater than I did.
In a similar thread stated earlier, Kanneg said one from the most reasonable and encouraging things I have heard coming from a SWTOR developer in a very very very long time: “There’s a sound reason to reduce the CXP values while they are beyond whack with all the rest of the overall game, but there’s an all the more compelling reason not to lower it every one of the way back in 75 also to review the values in general.”